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Jacarandas in Bloom, Los Angeles 2025

For several months some streets and residential quarters of the city become purple from the blossom of the jacaranda

Best time: late April–early June

Jacarandas in Bloom
Jacarandas in Bloom

With the advent of spring in Los Angeles, purple trees are blossoming everywhere—this is the jacaranda. It is so beautiful! You may stroll the streets getting a crazy aesthetic pleasure. Jacaranda is one of the favourite decorative elements of the design of streets, squares, and public gardens in Los Angeles. You will see magnificent violet trees everywhere: on the corner of Hope and Flower Streets in downtown, at Ayres Avenue in Westwood, on the corner of Woods and Wilshire in Old Town Fullerton, at Miracle Mile, on Beverly Hills residential streets, on Stansbury Street, or Dixie Canyon Avenue near Valley Vista Boulevard in Sherman Oaks.

Jacaranda blossoms are abundant in late spring, from late April through to early June. If the air temperature in the beginning of spring is high, jacarandas may start blooming in March. Some time ago, jacarandas used to bloom twice a year with the secondary season occurring around September. However, due to certain climate changes, the trees are less likely to bloom in the fall nowadays.

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When can you see the beautiful purple blooms of jacaranda trees in Los Angeles?

Jacaranda trees in Los Angeles bloom between late April and early June, with an earlier start possible if the weather heats up early. Now, blooming season has shifted to just the springtime. Show more

Where can you find jacaranda trees in Los Angeles?

Jacaranda trees can be found in various locations in Los Angeles. Some best places include residential streets in Beverly Hills, Hope and Flower Streets downtown, Woods and Wilshire in Old Town Fullerton, Ayres Avenue in Westwood, and Stansbury Street or Dixie Canyon Avenue in Sherman Oaks. Show more

What is the blooming duration for jacarandas in Los Angeles?

Usually, jacarandas in Los Angeles bloom for weeks during late spring and early summer, specifically from late April to early June. Many streets and neighborhoods become multicoloured with vibrant purple blooms of the tree during this time. Show more

Other than Los Angeles, what are the other cities in the US that also have jacaranda trees present?

Apart from LA, some American cities also have a significant jacaranda tree presence, such as Phoenix, which has an abundance of jacarandas in neighborhoods like Arcadia and Biltmore, and Grafton, Illinois, which hosts the annual Jacaranda Festival. Show more

Aside from jacarandas, what other trees or flowers can visitors appreciate in LA during the spring and early summer season?

The city's spring and early summer season exhibit other colorful and diverse flowers and trees like bird of paradise plants with bright blooms that are native to South Africa, which is found in many locations in LA. Furthermore, various parks and botanical gardens feature an extensive array of beautiful flowers and trees across the city. Show more

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