Best time to visit Madeira

Birdwatching in Madeira

Madeira is a home to many rare birds

Best time: September–April


Endemic and rare birds can be found in Madeira at all times. However in spring and fall, there is a better chance to spot rare migratory species. It's possible to encounter up to​ 50 species during a Madeira birdwatching holiday. Porto Santo and Desertas islands would be the most interesting destinations for a birdwatcher. Two endemic full species among the land birds in Madeira are the trocaz pigeon and the Madeira firecrest.

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What is the best time of year to go birdwatching in Madeira?

The most suitable time for birdwatching in Madeira is during autumn and spring, precisely between September and April. About 50 birds species can be seen in Madeira, including endemic and rare birds that can be found all year round, making it a perfect birdwatching destination throughout the year. Show more

How many bird species can be spotted in Madeira during a birdwatching holiday?

Over 50 bird species, including endemic and rare birds, can be found during a birdwatching holiday in Madeira, depending on factors such as location, experience, and the seasons. Madeira features two full endemic species, namely the trocaz pigeon and the Madeira firecrest, which are always distinct to the islands. Show more

What are the best areas to go birdwatching in Madeira?

The most sought after birding destinations in Madeira are Pico do Areeiro, Ribeiro Frio, Ponta do Pargo, and the Porto Santo and Desertas islands. Many seabirds and pelagic birds such as the petrels and shearwaters find solace at the Desertas islets to breed. Besides, unique bird species such as the Madeira storm-petrel, Madeira laurel-pigeon, and Madeira firecrest can be found here. Show more

Which two endemic bird species can be found in Madeira?

The Madeira firecrest and the trocaz pigeon are the two full endemic species you can find in Madeira. The Madeiran firecrest is distinguishable by its black-and-white face stripes and an orange crown, while the trocaz pigeon is characterized by its large size, blue-grey feathers, reddish-brown wings, and a white patch on the patch. There are also many other unique bird species exclusive to Madeira Island and the region. Show more

Are there more migratory birds in Madeira during spring and fall?

Yes. The probability of checking off rare migratory bird species during spring and autumn in Madeira is higher. Notable migratory birds to watch out for include the European bee-eater and the European pied flycatcher. However, the Madeira Island's aura is home to several unique bird species, making it suitable for bird enthusiasts to visit throughout the year. Show more

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