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Try some of these wonderful fruits of the Mediterranean, known to the Maltese people as naspli


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Loquat is a plant that in most countries once grew as strictly ornamental plant but now are used for their edible fruit. This fruit is known as medlar, Japanese plum, Maltese plum, or simply naspli. They grow in clusters; the fruit is oval, rounded or pear-shaped, and 3-5 cm long. Usually, they are orange or yellow. Inside the fruit is succulent and sweet, it has white, yellow, or orange flash depending on the cultivar. Some say, that it has similar taste and aroma to an apple, but the structure of the fruit is not so crispy. Their leaves are used in herbal tea as well. Loquat is usually eaten whole but Maltese chefs make wonderful loquat jam with a touch of rosewater and lemon. The Loquat fruit's season in Malta is in April and May.

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