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Trekking in the Altai

The pure alpine beauty in the wildest surounding of Western Mongolia


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Plan the trekking adventure tour to the highest peaks of Mongolia, alpine lakes, and glaciers at Mongolia's border with China and Russia in the Altai Tavan Bogd Park. There are many other activities apart from hiking and trekking, such as fishing, skiing, and rafting. However, the highlight of the trip is the longest glacier in Mongolia—Potanin, named after Grigory Potanin, an ethnographer and natural historian, who explored the glacier in the late 19th century. The glacier is 14 km long and stands next to another glacier—Alexander. The sad story behind the Potanin glacier is that its retreat speed has now reached on average 15 m per year.

In the area, there is also a famous Malchin Peak, the only one of the five Altai peaks that are possible to climb without the special equipment. It is 4,050 m high and translates ​into "herders' peak". To add up to this amazing list, you will find in the area also many archeological​ sights, including petroglyphs and burial mounds.

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