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Famous curly dalmatian pelicans, ibises, grebes, egrets—all of them at Skadar Lake Park. If you are keen on birdwatching, don’t miss this place


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Skadarsko jezero (Skadar ​Lake) located on the Montenegrin-Albanian border is a very popular place among European ornithologists. The reason is that the lake is a habitat for more than 280 species of different birds. You can see ibises, egrets, grebes and many other rare birds, but the most widespread and unique are famous dalmatian curly pelicans. After all, they are the symbol of the Skadar national park. Spring and early summer are the best periods to visit the lake, at this time you can witness the mating rituals of birds and they are the most active. For a better experience, you can also order a canoe or a boat with an instructor and try to get to the birds closer. Usually such tours can last from 4 to 6 hours, so you will have enough time to explore the varied and vivid birdlife of Skadar Lake.

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