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Besides being tasty, figs are really healthy! Montenegrin people know the best time to eat this fruit


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Autumn in Montenegro is famous not only for its soft and warm weather and beautiful landscapes. These Balkan lands are truly rich in various fruits. One of them is the fig—a sweet fruit which grows in almost every Montenegrin garden. It can be different colours, depending on the variety.

If you want to try it fresh, visit Montenegro from late August to September. Local people also dry figs, so you can eat them throughout winter. This fruit is very healthy; it helps to lower blood pressure, balance insulin, and even prevent breast cancer.

By the way, in September there is a festival in Budva dedicated to figs. It is called “The Fiesta of Figs.” People celebrate a new harvest with folk dances, songs, and enjoy different m​eals made with figs.

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