Best time to visit Montenegro

Sailing in Montenegro

Sailing along the coast of Montenegro is a great idea for the holidays! Warm weather, pleasant water, and beautiful harbours

Best time: June–August


Experienced sailors recommend visiting Montenegro during the high season lasting from June to August. Weather conditions are the best for sailing: sunny days, favorable winds, warm and calm waters—that's all you need. Montenegrin bays are no​t as crowded with sailboats, as, for example, the Croatian ones. For those who have their own boats, there are several great spots to check out. Visit Herceg Novi, Perast, Porto Montenegro, Kotor, Budva, or Sveti Stefan and you will definitely not regret, the landscapes there are impressive indeed.

Practical info

When is the best time to go sailing in Montenegro?

The most suitable period for sailing in Montenegro is from June to August, commonly known as the high season. One can relish the panoramic view of bays and islands amidst the calm waters, temperate sea breeze, and a relatively warm climate. Montenegro has an average temperature of 30°C during this time making it the perfect place for water activities. Show more

Which locations along the coast are recommended for sailing?

Various beautiful locations, such as Herceg Novi, Perast, Kotor, Budva, Porto Montenegro, and Sveti Stefan are worth visiting along the Montenegrin coastline. One can find natural harbors and fantastic sceneries rendered by picturesque landscapes. These spots represent the art of natural attractions that every sailor ought to visit while sailing in Montenegro. Show more

What is the climate like during the high season?

Montenegro enjoys an excellent climate during its high season from June to August. It has a warm and sunny weather with temperatures ranging between 28 and 32°C. The average seawater temperature is also favorable for swimming, ranging from 22 to 26°C. This period is mostly characterized by cloudless and sunshiny weather making it an ideal time for sailing and other beach activities. Show more

What are some unique bays to explore while sailing in Montenegro?

Boka Bay, Lustica Peninsula, and St. George Island are some of Montenegro's most striking bays that sailors usually explore. Boka Bay is among Europe's most peaceful bays, offering an incomparable experience of natural beauty. St. George Island is home to Croatia's oldest monastery and features a perfect blend of cultural heritage and stunning scenery. The Lustica Peninsula is another fascinating place with hidden beaches and a typical rugged coastline. Show more

What makes Montenegro different from other sailing destinations in the region?

Montenegro offers a unique sailing experience due to its relatively unexplored coastline, surrounded by stunning mountains with breathtaking views of bays and islands. Montenegro is also less crowded with sailors than other destinations in the region. The country has a unique history, cultural heritage and culinary delicacies that can make any sailing trip there more exciting. Show more

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