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Best time to go to New Orleans

Bayou Boogaloo Music Festival 2023

A joyful celebration of Louisiana food and music traditions

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Every May, Bayou St. John hosts Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo—the event that sums up all of the best things about New Orleans. Celebrations offer free music, plenty of art on display, and plenty of food stalls and trucks to provide visitors with everything Southern cuisine has to offer. Don't forget the fact that many visitors show up on kayaks and canoes, which is also known as New Orleans' favorite means of transport.

Hosted by the Positive Vibrations Foundation, the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo Festival is meant to improve quality of life in Louisiana by supporting the arts, recreation, and positive interaction. Music is played on four stages, featuring local and national stars. The line up is a mixture of funk, Creole soul, punk, rock, and of course, jazz. The art exhibits feature photography, woodwork, jewelry, and much more.

The Bayou St. John is a swampy land in the middle of New Orleans that used to occupy a significant portion of the city, connecting to Lake Pontchartrain. Today, the bayou has no outlet to the lake but is still a popular place for all kinds of small boats. The bayou is surrounded by a picturesque park, a favorite destination for a romantic walk. In the past, Bayou St. John was known as the location of voodoo rituals, and on St.John's Eve, some ceremonies are still happening on The Magnolia Bridge over the Bayou. It also hosts Native Americans' gathering for their "Super Sunday" parade after the Mardi Gras Carnival.

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