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Best season to travel to New York

Oyster Season

Oyster culture has a special place in the New York lifestyle


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​Baked, fried, or raw, oysters taste good in any shape or form, and New Yorkers know it! That's why the city is rich with raw bars and restaurants serving oysters. Every hot new restaurant in New York must have at least a couple of varieties of oysters. But we know that oysters aren't the only important thing. There's also the atmosphere, the service, and of course the cocktails. Considering this, choosing a place for a delicious dinner between New York's countless oyster bars isn't always an easy task. Since oysters are expensive, ​make sure to catch a happy hour for $1 oysters. The oyster season begins in September with Oyster Week, a ce​lebration of oysters in New York's history, economy, culture, and cuisine.

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