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About one fifth of all bird species on Earth can be found in Peru

Birdwatching in Peru 2020 - Best Time
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Ricardo Sánchez

This country is a paradise for those seeking great biodiversity, untouched nature, and even more, undiscovered species. As for birds, Peru is inhabited by approximately 19% of the total bird species on Earth.

Gallito de las rocas 2020
Gallito de las rocas

Unfortunately, there is no single place where you can arrive and see all birds in a few days. In order to meet as many as possible you have to cross the whole country from beach resorts to the Amazon valley and up to the foothills of the Andes, as each region on is proud of its own birds and some are not that easy to spot. It may take months. So to get the best of birdwatching in Peru you should plan the journey for October and November during the breeding season. There are also several places, where the majority of species can be met.

Red-crested cotinga 2020
Red-crested cotinga
Atrapamoscas 2020

The Chiclayo-Cajamarca circuit starts near the coast and is evidently the most popular destination for birdwatching. It isn't only rewarding in terms of species to meet, but it has well-planned accommodation services on the way. The most sought after species on this circuit are marvellous spatuletails, long-whiskered owlets, pale-billed antpittas, chestnut-baked thornbirds, and others.

Slate-crowned Antpitta 2020
Slate-crowned Antpitta

Rainforest lodges around Iquito are a must when you want to observe Amazon birds and look for comfort, though it can be quite expensive. ExplorNapo runs a canopy walk which takes you closer to tree-top birds. Tahuayo and Muyuna Lodges are located close to river islands and their own specific fauna.

Canopy Watchtower—a 50-60 foot watch tower in the rainforest's canopy.  2020
Canopy Watchtower—a 50-60 foot watch tower in the rainforest's canopy.