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Hiking in National Reserve Lomas de Lachay in its Greenest Months

This place is where magic and mystery comes together with no artificial intrusion


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Mystical places always capture the attention of people whose imagination often draws dwarfs and elfs behind every big mossy stone. There is no 100% possibility to meet some magical creature in Lomas de Lachay, but magical feelings and some inner thrill can definitely be found here.

The Natural Reserve Lomas de Lachay is more than 5,000 hectares of unique microclimate and, as a result, a very distinct group of flora and fauna. Such conditions are caused by clouds that cover the region almost all the time. Fog feeds the ground and also covers the surrounding with a fluffy coat. Due to this only small species inhabit the Reserve - mice, foxes, skunks, and vizcachas especially. The bird family is represented by owls, kestrels, and various hummingbirds. No gigantic or big plants grow here as well. The 150 species of flora are mostly bushes, dwarf trees, or mountain flowers.

Lomas de Lachay has its own dry and wet season, but the best time to go there is between August and October, at the end of the wet season when nature shines with freshness and energy!

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