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The Red Flowering Gum

In spite of its name, a red gum blooms with bright red, pink, orange and even white flowers


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Red gums belong to the most outstanding, colorful and widespread trees growing in San Francisco. During blooming season that falls on July and August, red gums flourish with clusters of colorful flowers. In addition to the red, there are orange, pink, and white flowers. It is hardly possible to reproduce a tree with the same flowers coloring using its seeds. At the same time, reproduction from cuttings rarely turns out to be successful. That is why San Francisco red gums blossoms differ so much in their tints. The very seeds of a red gum are large in size, smooth and woody, and resemble the bowl of a pipe. They appear on the trees right after the blooming season and often remain hanging on the branches until the next summer ​when red gums burst into flowers again. Although this species originates from Western Australia, it occupies small area there. However, San Francisco appears to be extremely favorable for these trees, as they grow at every turn across the city.

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