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Skyline Divide Trail in Seattle

A scenic wildflower paradise north of Mount Baker

Skyline Divide Trail
Skyline Divide Trail

Skyline Divide is a 1,828-meter (6000-foot)-high extension of Mount Baker (also known as Koma Kulshan) near Glacier, Washington that becomes a beautiful Alpine meadow in the summer, full of wildflowers and stunning views. This is one of the most popular hikes in the Seattle area so don't be surprised to see it crowded. Dogs are also allowed but have to be kept on a leash. From the trail head, you pass the forest and transition into Mt. Baker Wilderness with its lush green open meadows offering stunning views of Mt. Baker. The trail goes along Skyline Divide offering stunning views of rivers and surrounding peaks.

The best time to see wildflowers along the Skyline Divide Trail is in July and August. You can spot aster, fireweed, lupine, arnica, oxeye daisy, valerian, bistort, foamflower, glacier lily, cow parsnip, and lots of other flowers along the trail. The forest features western hemlock, mountain hemlock, and silver fir. Edible huckleberries can be seen in fall. The path gets very beautiful in September when leaves start to turn gold.

Skyline Divide Trail is about a 14.5-km (9-mile) long round trip. It is a popular route for hiking, camping, backpacking, and wildlife viewing from July until October, and if the weather permits so. The elevation gain along the trail is 760 m (2500 ft).

The Skyline Divide Trail is about a three-hour drive from Seattle. To get to the trail head, drive east from Glacier on State Highway 542 for approximately 1 mile, then turn right onto Glacier Creek Road and left on Deadhorse Road. It will take about 20 km (13 mi) to get to the trail head.

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