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Tipsoo Lake in Seattle

The most scenic spot for a stunning view of Mt. Rainier

Best time: June–October

Tipsoo Lake
Tipsoo Lake
Tipsoo Lake
Tipsoo Lake

Tipsoo Lake is an alpine reservoir located at an elevation of 5,298 ft (1,615 m) in the Northern Cascade Range, in Pierce County, Washington. It is very popular among Seattle hikers due to incredible wildflowers bloom and views of Mount Rainier and Yakima Peak. The most popular trails near the lake are the Naches Peak Loop and Chinook Pass. It's best to visit Tipsoo lake from June through October to catch good weather and to spot wildflowers blooming. Its fall foliage views are no less famous than summer bloom.

An easy trail around the Tipsoo Lake showcases carpets of flowers, thousands of red huckleberries and lush green vegetation. Sunset at Mount Rainier is one of the most unforgettable experiences around the lake. Come in advance and you can choose from the main Tipsoo Lake or Upper Tipsoo Lake that both offer beautiful views of the mountain. It's also a sweet spot to capture sunrise at the east-facing side of Mount Rainier. As the ground around the lake can be rather wet, it's recommended to wear waterproof shoes.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tipsoo Lake for wildflowers bloom?

Visit Tipsoo Lake between June to September to witness the wildflowers' bloom. During this time, the trail is an explosion of colors that offers a great hiking experience. Hikers can see fantastic wildflowers, including vibrant magenta Sitka Valerian, pink Cascades Penstemon, and blueish-purple lupine. Show more

Where is Tipsoo Lake located in Washington?

Situated in Pierce County, Washington, off the Chinook Pass Scenic Byway, is Tipsoo Lake. The lake has an elevation of 5,298 ft (1,615 m), and it's located in the Northern Cascade Range. As it's easily accessible from State Route 410, it's a go-to spot for photographers, nature lovers, and hikers alike. Show more

Which trails are most popular among hikers near Tipsoo Lake?

Among several options, the Naches Peak Loop and Chinook Pass trail are quite popular among hikers near Tipsoo Lake. Both trails boast stunning surroundings, including teal-colored lakes and beautiful waterfalls, making them the perfect place to take pictures. The Chinook Pass trail offers a view of Mount Rainier, while the Naches Loop is particularly renowned for being easily accessible. Show more

What is the best time to catch fall foliage views at the Tipsoo Lake?

To witness the gorgeous fall foliage surrounding the Tipsoo Lake, visit between September and October. The changing colors of the trees in the Northern Cascades create a picturesque and serene environment for hiking, driving, or sightseeing. The cooler weather provides the perfect ambiance, which is great for taking beautiful pictures. Show more

What should I wear to hike around Tipsoo Lake due to wet ground?

As the ground around Tipsoo Lake is often wet, especially early in the morning or after rainfall, wear waterproof hiking boots with traction for safe and comfortable hiking. Moreover, wearing light, layered clothes is recommended as the weather may get warmer later in the day. Layering also allows hikers to adjust to fluctuations in temperature along the trail. Show more

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