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Yang Mei Season

Asia is famous for its tasty exotic fruits. One of them is yang mei—a fruit that resembles strawberry, pomegranate and cherry.

Best time: late May–June

Yang Mei Season
Yang Mei Season

Yang mei is probably one of the strangest fruits you will ever see. Its color and form strongly resembles strawberry, but the taste is something unbelievable. It's a mixture of strawberry, pomegranate and cherry.

Despite growing globalization, yang mei is a very rare fruit, and you can hardly find it in an ordinary supermarket. It is rich in vitamins C and E, is supposed to cure stomach ache while being a powerful antioxidant. The fruit has not only authentic taste but also is harvested in a peculiar way.

The trees with this fruit are usually inhabited by small flies that lay eggs in the flesh of the fruit. So before you eat yang mei, you need to soak it in salty water for 30 minutes to eliminate the flies. Also due to fruit perishability, you won't find it fresh elsewhere except China.

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