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Trekking in the Knuckles Range

Untouched UNESCO World Heritage site is indeed a trekker's paradise


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The Knuckles Range is one of the greatest natural treasures within the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, inscribed on the World Heritage List. The diverse terrain of mountains, grasslands, and powerful waterfalls make Knuckles range one of the best trekking sites on the island. This is a virgin zone of amazing nature and biodiversity, which offers up to 40 km of trails that can be covered in three days.

The most popular routes include World’s End, a trail from Deanston to Dothalugala, a trail to Nitro Caves or Augallena Cave, and a trail to Kalupahana.

The Knuckles Range has 34 mountain peaks ranging from 900 to 1900 meters in height. Five highest mountain peaks resemble the shape of a clenched fist, that's why the British administration named it Knuckles.

June to August is the driest period here, presenting the best opportunity for trekking. December to May have relatively low possibility of rain, so winter and spring could work too. September to November is the wettest time when hiking should be avoided due to bad weather and irritating leeches. Even during the dry period, a thick fog hangs low around the peaks.

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