Best time to visit Tasmania

Bushwalking in Tasmania

Take on the Tasmanian bushwalking challenge and make it your hobby

Best time: December–April


Catch the glimpse of Tasmania's wildlife spending a week, a day or just one-hour enjoying stunning views of both inland and coastline. Tasmania's island has recently become one of the most popular bushwalking destinations of Australia and crowds of eager backpackers find the island a perfect place for bushwalking. Bushwalking is a specifically Australian hobby that implies pretty much the same activity as trekking, hiking or hill walking.

Local daredevils make the bushwalking a complete escape from the civilisation, getting lost in Tassie's rainforests for weeks and enjoying the beauty of the island from the inside. However, if you don't feel like spending a whole holiday in the wild, pick a short walk from the scenic Cataract Gorge Reserve that lasts around an hour or a more challenging 5-6 days destination from Cradle Valley to Lake St Clair. If you have a stomach to test yourself in the wild, set off for your Tasmanian bushwalking adventure.

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