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Vorontsov Lighthouse in Ukraine

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Best time: June–August

Vorontsov Lighthouse
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The iconic 85 ft (26 m) Vorontsov Lighthouse ("Vorontsovskyi Mayak") is the first thing you'll see when arriving at the Odesa Gulf. The lighthouse image is frequently printed on postcards and magnets. No wonder the tourists visiting Odesa (or Odessa) are always curious about this enticing attraction. But since it belongs to the Port of Odesa, the only way to get there is by booking an excursion.

Best time to visit Vorontsov Lighthouse

Roadstead mole ("Reidovyi mol"), or the so-called path of the lightkeeper, is a narrow way that stretches for about a mile in the Black Sea. The walking track leads you right to Vorontsov Lighthouse, and the most convenient season to reach it is between June and August when the water is calm. Your stroll in the middle of the sea gets even more exciting with numerous gulls and probably even dolphins accompanying you to the lighthouse.

Tour to the Vorontsov Lighthouse

Usually, a group of at least ten tourists gathers at the Passenger terminal near the "Golden Child" sculpture ("Zolote Dytia"), which is a starting point of the adventure. A bus takes you through the port's regime area to the Quarantine mole and finally to the scenic path of the lightkeeper. Prepare to hear captivating stories about Vorontsov Lighthouse's complicated history, the brutal fate of its lightkeepers who had to operate the lighthouse manually, and some other secrets of lighthouses worldwide. You will need about 1 hour 45 minutes to complete the round.

Apply for a tour & book your stay

The costs include a guide (120 UAH/person) and motor transport services (1027.30 UAH/group). You can reserve the dates on the official website (see External Resources below). Also, look at the map suggesting accommodations nearby—plan your stay in advance, as summer is the busiest time in Odesa.

Practical info

What is Vorontsov Lighthouse and where is it located?

Located in the Odesa Gulf in Ukraine, the Vorontsov Lighthouse is an iconic landmark standing magnificently at 85 feet (26 m) tall. It is the first visible sight when approaching Odesa and attracts a lot of tourists all year round. positioned on the roadstead mole, visitors can enjoy a gentle scenic walk of around a mile amidst the Black Sea while admiring the seabirds. Show more

What is the best time to visit Vorontsov Lighthouse?

Vorontsov Lighthouse is accessible between June and August, providing visitors with ample opportunities to cherish the scenic view. During these months, the waterways are usually milder, making it easier to approach the lighthouse. One can soak in the breathtaking beauty of the narrow pathway leading to the lighthouse while feeding the eyes with delightful sightings of dolphins and seabirds. Show more

How can I visit Vorontsov Lighthouse and what is the cost?

To visit this stunning landmark, one needs to book a tour through the official website since there are no other means to reach there. The tour costs 120 UAH/person, which includes a well-trained guide, and 1027.30 UAH/group for the motor transport service. The tour starts from the Passenger Terminal near the Golden Child sculpture, with a minimum group limit of ten people to initiate the tour. Show more

What can I see and experience during the tour to Vorontsov Lighthouse?

Visitors touring the Vorontsov Lighthouse can unsurprisingly discover its unique history and intricacy, including the fate of lightkeepers who had to manually operate the lighthouse. Aside from gaining invaluable insights into Vorontsov's past, visitors can appreciate the picturesque route following the lighthouse's scenic pathway. The tour lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes, which starts at the Passenger Terminal near the Golden Child sculpture heading up to Vorontsov Lighthouse and finishing in the same place. Show more

Are there any nearby accommodations to Vorontsov Lighthouse that I can book?

Booking an accommodation around Vorontsov Lighthouse shouldn't be a problem as there are plenty of options available that align with diverse preferences and budget. It is ideal to make prior arrangements because summer is the busiest time in Odesa. Official websites can offer viable options for visitors, which lists nearby accommodation maps that can help choose suitable options based on location and pricing. Show more

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