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Griglie Roventi 2020

The Barbecue World Championship for amateur cooks


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Every July, during one day only, thousands of people gather in Jesolo near Venice to participate and watch the Griglie Roventi Barbecue Championship. This awaited and beloved competition has been taking place since 2006 at Piazza Torino in a famous seaside resort featuring couples competing with each other for the highest award. In addition to the main prize, “Griglia del Sorriso” (“The Smiling Grill”) goes to the funniest couple. The festival draws up to 100,000 attendees.

Griglie Roventi in Venice - Best Season 2020

Griglie Roventi features 100 barbecue stations for 100 teams. The cooks are also provided with meat, an apron, and a chef hat. They can bring their own spices, sauces, and vegetables to bring creativity to the cooking process. Contestants are expected to prepare a dish over a limited time. They are judged for cooking, taste, and presentation of the dish by professional chefs and food reviewers. At the end of the competition, participants can keep the barbecue that they used.

Best time for Griglie Roventi in Venice 2020
Best time to see Griglie Roventi in Venice 2020

Griglie Roventi also includes plenty of entertainment for spectators. Organizers offer a live concert featuring bands, comedians, and performers. There are also post- and pre-contest parties that are a great occasion to socialize, discuss food, eat, laugh, and dance.

Best time for Griglie Roventi 2020
Best time to see Griglie Roventi 2020
Best time to see Griglie Roventi 2020

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