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Discover the ancient city of a thousand windows

Berat in Albania 2019 - Best Time
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A very old, original, and fascinating European city, whose history began more than 2,400 years ago, is worth your attention. The city was a part of the Bulgarian kingdom, then the Byzantine Empire, the Serbian kingdom, then part of the Ottoman Empire. Owing to its white Ottoman houses it is under the protection of UNESCO as a well-preserved Ottoman city.

Berat in Albania - Best Season 2019

Each culture has imposed on Berat its imprint, creating its unique eclectic ornament. Byzantine patterns coexist with the Arabian patterns of minarets and mosques and heathen runes. And Muslim quarters are interspersed with Christian quarters. No other city in the world is famous for such a calm and benevolent neighbourhood of various nations and religions. It has lots of amusing places, churches, shrines, and museums.

Best time for Berat in Albania 2019

Local people still live in the fortress "Berat" famous for its unique architecture. Residential buildings ascending the slope of the mountain form a picturesque pyramid. Looking at the city, it seems that locals are especially fond of light. This impression is due to the houses having dozens of windows. Because of that feature, Berat is also called "the city of a thousand windows".

Gorica Bridge 2019
Gorica Bridge

The best time to visit Berat in terms of weather (warm and dry) is between April and October. Mind that July and August might get scorchingly hot.