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Danube Boat Trip in Austria

Experience a boat trip on the waters of the Danube River

Best time: April–October

Danube Boat Trip
Danube Boat Trip
Danube Boat Trip

Floating along this majestic river and viewing the landscape of the Danube Valley is unforgettable. You'll observe the vineyards, forests, mountains, and crystal blue water. However,​ you should remember that this trip is possible only in good weather conditions and only from April to October. If the trip is cancelled because of unsuitable conditions, you'll be invited for a lunch instead.

Practical info

What is the best time of year to take a Danube boat trip in Austria?

You can take a Danube boat trip in Austria between April and October. During this time, the landscape alongside the river is beautiful, featuring vineyards, forests, and mountains. The weather is mild, and the temperature is comfortable, making it ideal for a boat trip. However, it is not advisable to go when the weather is harsh, typically during the winter season. Show more

What sites will you see along the way during the boat trip?

The Danube boat trip offers a chance to witness the picturesque surroundings unique to Austria. Along the way, you will see various breathtaking landscape sceneries, including the Austrian Melk Abbey, the ruins of Dürnstein castle, and the historical center of Wachau. Make sure to capture every moment on camera! Show more

How many hours does the boat trip last?

The boat trip's duration can be between 4-9 hours, depending on the route taken. The route from Melk to Krems, which goes through popular sight-seeing spots, typically takes about 7 hours. However, it is an all-day excursion, so prepare accordingly for a comfortable journey. Show more

Can children come on the boat trip, and are there any age restrictions?

Children of all ages can join the boat trip as there are no age restrictions. However, keep in mind that the trip could last up to 9 hours, so it's best to consider if a child can handle such a long journey. Furthermore, the boat has clean restrooms, and some even offer child-friendly activities, making it an ideal family outing. Show more

What happens if weather conditions prevent us from taking the boat trip?

If the weather conditions prevent taking the boat trip, alternative programs are usually offered, and lunch vouchers are given as compensation. It is crucial to note that canceled trips are generally non-refundable. Nonetheless, some tour companies have trip cancelation protection or offer an alternative trip or date; it's best to check beforehand. Show more

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