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Best time to visit Banff & Jasper National Parks

Tunnel Mountain Hiking

Tunnel Mountain, with no actual tunnel, is a popular hiking destination


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Tunnel Mountain is taken over by Banff and the grounds of the Banff Springs Hotel. Sleeping Buffalo Mountain, the original name, was given to the mountain in 1882 by local natives because of its likeness when viewed from specific angles.

The trail gently climbs to the top, with the exception of a few steeper spots. Being the smallest mountain in Banff, Tunnel Mountain is a great spot to have a little family picnic while enjoying unforgettable panoramas over the town and the valley.

Tunnel Mountain is considered to be a very popular hike due to its easy grade. It is short and can be done year round if the weather is favourable. There are enough facilities to compact the snow and to make it easy to walk on. That being said, the winter months from November to March are not the best time to visit and Tunnel Mountain Drive may even be closed during the season depending on conditions.

If you still choose winter, snowshoes will be a necessity during a fresh snowfall. If you head up to Tunnel Mountain in early spring, winter or late autumn, be sure to check current trail conditions as slippery ice requires specific footwear.

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