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Cross-Country Skiing in Bavaria

Choose among plenty of picturesque trails and enjoy this favourite winter sport

Best time: December–February

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a very healthy sport that trains almost every muscle in your body. It is also a perfect way to enjoy the scenery and fresh air as you travel through gorgeous snow covered forests and frozen lakes. Bavaria offers lots of places for this activity. Ruhpolding is the best choice for cross-country skiing in the Bavarian Alps. The 150 km of various trails with breathtaking mountain scenery are perfect for every skill level. Various difficulty trails ensure that every visitor will be satisfied.

The ideal snow conditions and beautiful mountains of Chiemgau welcome visitors. A large network of cross-country trails can be found in Reit im Winkl. Here you can find a beginner's route, called “Wellness Loipe,” which is 2 km long. The “Aktiv Loipe” or the “Evi Sachenbacher Weltcup Loipe“ are more challenging trails for experts.

In the village of Oberstaufen everyone can take part in the annual competition Skirallye, where you'll need to climb the peak and then slide down the slopes.

Feel the real Bavarian hospitality and enjoy some of the top cross-country trails at the legendary Zugspitze. In the same region, you will also find the Loisachtal Nordic loop with 31 km of scenic trails. You'll travel through the small towns and valleys with the mountains on both sides. This is a great region for this kind of winter activity.

Zwiesel offers over 70 km of cross-country trails. Here you will find 4 different trails varying from 1.5 km to 12 km in length. The shortest one is illuminated till 22:00, making it perfect for night skiing. Zwiesel is located at the Bavarian Forest trail, which is 160 km long.

The amount of snow in various months can change from year to year, thus you need to check the weather forecast in the destination you've chosen before you head out. The options are numerous, just come and enjoy this winter activity among the beautiful landscapes of Bavaria.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bavaria for cross-country skiing?

The winter season from December to February is the ideal time to visit Bavaria for cross-country skiing. As snow conditions may vary each year, checking the weather forecast of the selected destination before leaving is recommended. Show more

Where are the best cross-country skiing trails in the Bavarian Alps?

The best cross-country skiing trails are in Ruhpolding, which offers 150 km of trails suitable for every skill level. Zugspitze is also is a popular location offering top cross-country trails amidst the legendary mountains. Another option is the Loisachtal Nordic loop, providing visitors with 31 km of scenic trails in the beautiful Bavarian Alps. Show more

What are the different difficulty levels of cross-country skiing trails in Ruhpolding?

Cross-country skiing trails in Ruhpolding cater to a variety of skill levels and preferences, offering easy trails for beginners and challenging ones for experts. Visitors may choose among different routes based on their experience or fitness level. Show more

How long is the beginner's route in Reit im Winkl?

For beginners in cross-country skiing, the 'Wellness Loipe' in Reit im Winkl is the perfect option. The 2 km-long trail provides an easier route for those who are just starting with cross-country skiing. For expert skiers, the 'Aktiv Loipe' or the 'Evi Sachenbacher Weltcup Loipe' are recommended, as these are more challenging trails. Show more

Are there any night skiing options for cross-country skiing in Bavaria?

Yes, night skiing is available for cross-country skiing in Bavaria. The Zwiesel area provides a perfect opportunity with its 1.5 km-long illuminated trail that remains open until 22:00. This option offers a unique experience and the chance to see the beautiful Bavarian landscapes in the dark. Show more

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