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Mayan Equinox 2023

Learn why equinoxes were so important in the ancient Maya's calendar

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Spring Equinox was perhaps the most important phenomenon for ancient Maya. Their pyramids were built with consideration of the sun's position during equinoxes. You can learn why the equinox was so important to the Maya at the annual spring celebration, held at The Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve on Ambergris Caye, just 5 mi (8 km) south of San Pedro.

The Spring Equinox celebration starts at 10 a.m. and features a blessing by 89-year old K’iche Maya Elder Martin Choc. Then, dancers from one of the Yucatec Maya villages perform traditional dances in authentic costumes. Maya crafts, as well as food and drinks, are available for purchase. Belize chocolate production presentations are another highlight of the celebration.

Representatives of the Belize Institute of Archaeology will give tours of the Marco Gonzalez site that was populated from 100BC to 1400AC by the Coastal Maya Traders. The forested island was full of Maya artifacts such as jewelry, pottery shards, plates, and much more. Marco Gonzalez doesn't have any Mayan temples. The most impressive Maya sites in Belize are Caracol, located in western Belize, near the border with Guatemala, Cerros, located in Corozal Bay in northern Belize, and Lamanai, located on the New River in northern Belize.

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