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Golden Langur Mating Season in Bhutan

They become especially attractive when mature and their fur is reminiscent of many shades of creamy gold

Best time: January–February

Golden Langur Mating Season
Golden Langur Mating Season
Golden Langur Mating Season

The fauna of Bhutan is at some point a collection of really rare and unique animals, and Golden Langur is a great example of this.

This primate can be found only in a small region of India and in several natural reserves in Bhutan, which are the Phipsoo Wildlife Sanctuary and the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park.

Golden Langur is mostly an arboreal animal. They are active during the morning and evening, travelling in small groups between tree tops. It is much easier to spot them in January or February during mating season when langurs are louder, and males try to attract females.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bhutan to spot Golden Langurs during mating season?

Golden Langurs can be spotted during their mating season in Bhutan. This period occurs in January and February and is the ideal time to view these primates since males attract females through vocalization and physical displays. Nevertheless, visitors must remember that viewing Golden Langurs depends on chance and it is recommended to join a guided tour. Show more

Where in Bhutan can Golden Langurs be found?

Golden Langurs inhabit two nature reserves in Bhutan, namely the Phipsoo Wildlife Sanctuary and the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park. Phipsoo Wildlife Sanctuary is abundant in wildlife and consists of around 269 square kilometers, whereas Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park is among the largest protected places in Bhutan. To see Golden Langurs, tourists should engage with a guided tour that can assist in spotting these primates. Show more

What makes Golden Langurs unique compared to other primates?

Golden Langurs exhibit several distinct features that differentiate them from other primates. Their unique golden-colored fur and rarity among primates make them stand out. In contrast, their social behavior separates them from other primates since they exist predominantly in trees and communicate through vocalization. Langurs emit various calls depending on their gender, and strong social bonds link them together. Show more

How do Golden Langurs behave during mating season?

Golden Langurs display more activity during mating season, where males vocalize and showcase their prowess to attract females. Mating season usually takes place in January and February. During the period, langurs establish small groups and move between treetops. Visitors may spot Golden Langurs more frequently during mating season since they are more active than usual. Show more

Can Golden Langurs be seen during other times of the year, apart from mating season?

Although Golden Langurs' sightings are not guaranteed in Bhutan outside the mating season, visitors can still spot these primates outside this period. To observe the rare species, visitors should seek guidance from a trained guide who can navigate them to areas where Golden Langurs reside and move. Sightings can occur anytime in the morning and evening, when Golden Langurs exhibit increased activity levels. Show more

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