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Glass Beach

Ocean is an artist able to turn rubbish into treasure—check out smooth rubies, sapphires and other jewels that used to be pieces of broken glass


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The beautiful crystal beaches of Fort Bragg once used to be a landfill—that's right, in the twentieth century, locals threw garbage over these cliffs. The dumpsite was closed only in 1967, and the area was partially cleaned up. Yet the finest work was to be done by the ocean—over decades the waves have been transforming the glass shards and other debris into smooth jewels and choking them up onto the beach so that nowadays we could marvel at this quirky beauty.

Glass Beach in California - Best Season 2020
Best time for Glass Beach in California 2020

Soon the beaches became increasingly popular with visitors who are particularly numerous in summer. Sadly, but many take the jewels away, and if everyone does so, the beaches will simply disappear. Therefore, visitors to come are asked to leave the glass gems on the shores so that others could also enjoy the colourful beaches in succeeding years. Since 2002, the site has been a part of MacKerricher State Park.

Best time to see Glass Beach in California 2020

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