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Dubai Safari Park

The park is home to 2,500 wild animals of about 250 species


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Dubai Safari Park is one of the most recent tourist attractions in the city. Opened in December of 2017 with a net worth investment of $1 billion, this project is surely impressive beyond expectations. It's now featuring the largest number of animals and species in the UAE with 2,500 fauna representatives. Visitors can observe monkeys, lions, giraffes, crocodiles and much more.

Flamingos of Dubai Safari Park 2020
Flamingos of Dubai Safari Park

Over 119 hectares of the park welcome visitors to the Arabian, Asian, and African villages. You can go on an open safari tour or meet the animals at the Children’s ‎Farm. Visitors explore the park in solar-powered cars and buses. Dubai Safari's highlights include the hippo exhibit, the baboon canyon, along with white rhinos and many others. There is also the world’s first drive-through crocodile exhibit and the Elephant cafe with fantastic views.

White rhinos of Dubai Safari Park 2020
White rhinos of Dubai Safari Park

Due to heat the Dubai Safari Park is closed during summer months.

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