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Tuhala Witch's Well Overflowing

Can you imagine a well literally overflowing with water?

Tuhala Witch's Well Overflowing in Estonia 2019 - Best Time
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A well in Tuhala village, Northern Estonia has an odd habit to overflow with water. For thousands of years, it has been exciting the locals and visitors of this region. Usually, the well appears ordinary with a 2.5 m depth. However, when spring comes water starts pouring out from the well and floods the area. It usually happens in early spring, when the snow melts and there is a lot of heavy rain. Scientists explain that this phenomenon occurs when the Tuhala River is overwhelmed and its underground systems can't handle the amount of water. In order for the well to overflow the river must exceed a volume of over 5,000 litres per second. Local people blame witches for this, thus came the name "Witches' Well". Whatever you believe in, this well is worth visiting.

Witch's well at Sulu farm, Kose parish, Estonia 2020
Witch's well at Sulu farm, Kose parish, Estonia