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Tuhala Witch's Well Overflowing in Estonia

Can you imagine a well literally overflowing with water?

Tuhala Witch's Well Overflowing
Tuhala Witch's Well Overflowing

A well in Tuhala village, Northern Estonia has an odd habit to overflow with water. For thousands of years, it has been exciting the locals and visitors of this region. Usually, the well appears ordinary with a 2.5 m depth. However, when spring comes water starts pouring out from the well and floods the area. It usually happens in early spring, when the snow melts and there is a lot of heavy rain. Scientists explain that this phenomenon occurs when the Tuhala River is overwhelmed and its underground systems can't handle the amount of water. In order for the well to overflow the river must exceed a volume of over 5,000 litres per second. Local people blame witches for this, thus came the name "Witches' Well". Whatever you believe in, this well is worth visiting.

Practical info

When does the Tuhala witch's well overflow and flood the surrounding area in Estonia?

The overflowing of the Tuhala witch's well in Estonia happens during the spring season, from late March to early April. This happens because of the snowmelt that leads to heavy rain. The Tuhala River must exceed 5000 liters per second for the well to overflow, which doesn't happen every spring. Show more

Where exactly is the Tuhala witch's well located in Northern Estonia?

Northern Estonia is where the village of Tuhala, which houses the famous Tuhala witch's well, is located. This one-of-a-kind well is in the woods and doesn't have any proper markers to reach it from the village. To find this mysterious well, visitors should ask villagers or take the help of local guides. Show more

Why do scientists explain the overflowing of Tuhala witch's well is due to Tuhala River's underground system being overwhelmed?

The Tuhala witch's well overflowing has a scientific explanation. It happens because of the Tuhala River's underground system that is connected to Tuhala's karstic area, a plain area characterized by limestone with great solutional capacity. During heavy rainfall and snowmelt, water levels reach a limit, and the karstic drainage system fails to manage the water level, which builds water pressure in the karst spring until it gushes out in the well and overflows. Show more

What is the depth of Tuhala witch's well in Northern Estonia?

The Tuhala witch's well is an approximately 2.5 meters deep well located in Northern Estonia, which overflows during spring when river water builds up after heavy rainfall and snow melting. During the overflow, the well remains unnoticed, and the surrounding area transforms into a lake. Its discharge rate remains high for a few hours before it returns to normal levels. Show more

What is the history behind the name 'Witches' Well' and how do the local people relate it to overflowing of the well?

The Tuhala witch's well has the name 'Witches' Well' according to local legends. It is believed that witches gathered near the well to practice their mysterious rituals and tampered with the well's water, causing overflowing and flooding in nearby villages. For this reason, the locals named the well 'Witches' Well.' This legend attracts many people worldwide to visit the well during the spring season. Show more

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