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Ziplining on Roatán

Try this unforgettable experience of flying over the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean!

Ziplining on Roatán in Honduras 2019 - Best Time
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Don't you want to fly like a bird over the treetops and lush tropical vegetation of Honduras? The Roatan zipline adventure creates the effect of a "bird's eye" view with special equipment. There are several platforms suspended with steel cables which propel you with great speed over some of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

Ziplining on Roatán in Honduras - Best Season 2019
Best time for Ziplining on Roatán in Honduras 2019

All equipment is very safe and qualified instructors help you in implementing your dream of flight. Zipline services strongly depend on weather conditions and the wind, although the experience is available throughout the year. The best time to relax on the island and to fly is from March to September before the rainy season hits the islands.

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