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Margitsziget in Hungary 2024

A green gem of Budapest in the middle of the mighty Danube

Best time: April–October


Don't forget to have a rest while exploring the hectic downtown of Budapest! Margitsziget or Margaret Island is probably the best place for that, especially during warm days. Before the 14th century, this natural location was called the Island of Rabbits for its rich flora and fauna but renamed later on behalf of St. Margaret. Today Margaret Island offers a wide range of locations for relaxation and picnics, as well as some attractions for sports lovers. The island is very easy to reach from both parts of the city. Both locals and tourists often attend the largest open-air swimming complex in Budapest the Palatinus water park, a tennis stadium, and an athletics center​. Also, the island has a rubber-coated running track of 5.35 kilometers. For other non-fitness attractions, you may choose between the Centennial Memorial of 1973, a small Japanese Garden with a mildly thermal fish pond​, a tiny zoo featuring a range of exotic waterfowl, the "Music Well," the "Music Fountain" or an octagonal 57-m high Water Tower.

Practical info

What makes Margit Island different from other places in Budapest?

Margit Island is a location that provides a calm and relaxing environment amidst the busy city of Budapest. It is unique due to its rich history, unique natural vegetation, and fauna. In addition to that, guests can partake in different activities like visiting a Japanese garden, a monument, and various sports centers while indulging in the peaceful natural ambiance of the island. Show more

What is the recommended time to visit Margit Island?

All year round, Margit Island offers tourists a respite from the busy urban atmosphere. However, the ideal months to visit are between April and October. The season provides warm weather, a pleasant environment, and plenty of outdoor activities. Guests can take advantage of outdoor sports, picnics, and many other attractions while visiting the island. Show more

Where is Margaret Island located in Budapest?

Margaret Island is situated in the center of Danube, stretching over 2.5 kilometers. It spans across an area of 225 hectares and is accessible via the Margaret Bridge, providing stunning views of Budapest's skyline. Margaret Island's prime location in Budapest makes it a popular tourist spot on the Danube with visitors accessing it from various points in the city. Show more

What sport and leisure activities are available on Margit Island?

Margit Island has various sports centers that offer different leisure activities, suitable for everyone. Activities include swimming, running, tennis, and athletics. The island boasts attractions such as a rubber-coated running track of 5.35 kilometers, a tennis stadium, Palatinus water park, and an athletics center. With all these options, visitors can indulge themselves in many different sports activities while visiting Budapest. Show more

Is there a chance to see exotic species at Margit Island?

Margit Island offers visitors a unique experience at the small zoo, where they can interact with different animals like exotic waterfowl, birds, and fish. Besides the zoo, guests can experience a Japanese garden with thermal fish ponds, offering turtles, fish, and ducks for visitors to observe and feed, making Margit Island a suitable location for people interested in seeing and interacting with animals. Show more

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