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Wine Season and St. Mateu

Raise your hand if you don't like free wine? St. Mateu offers a wine fair not to be missed


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You won't find Ibizan wines in an average European supermarket. The production is limited but, nevertheless, the quality is quite good. The local red varieties are Monastrell and Garnacha, extremely aromatic and intense. While Malvasía white is delicate and light.

Wine Season and St. Mateu in Ibiza - Best Season 2020

Every year in the beginning of December the St Mateu d'Albarca's sports ground hosts a famed Wine Fair where local farmers bring their home-made wines for you to taste – for free! Where else could one have such a wonderful opportunity to sample hundreds of the finest wines paying absolutely nothing? Holidaymakers develop a good taste for the warming drink, so that singing drunken tasters is a common view at the fair that goes on throughout the night. Indulge yourself with the refined beverage, but do not overdo unless you want to fight with a splitting headache the next morning.

Sangría, Ibiza 2020
Sangría, Ibiza

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