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Accompong Maroon Festival 2025

Get a sense of Accompong’s uniqueness during its traditional celebration

Dates: January 6

Accompong Maroon Festival

Maroon Village Celebration in Accompong marks the signing of the 1739 peace agreement between Cudjoe, the leader of the Maroons, and the British Empire. The provisions of that treaty guaranteed the Maroons significant personal freedom and 15,000 acres of land.

Accompong was Cudjoe's brother, who established a town that was named after him. During the festivities, the population of Accompong town grows from 500 to 8,000. Vendors occupy the city center with booths, selling food and beverages. A carnival is set up at the old Parade Grounds featuring a Ferris wheel, Bounce-A-Bout, a roller coaster, and the main stage that is set up for locals and visitors to enjoy music and entertainment.

The festival is all about the traditional drumming, dancing, street food, mento bands, local tonics, and herbs. Between the speeches, chanting, rhythmic drumbeats and watchwords to pre-Christian spirits, there is an intense intercession of Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Held annually on January 6th, the festival is considered to be a 'Maroon New Year' and is premised on a traditional march to the legendary Kindah Tree, where a special Maroon unsalted and unseasoned pork is consumed. Afterwards, an all-night party takes place until the break of dawn. You’ll never see Accompong as quiet as at noon on January 7.

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