Best season to travel to Malta

Figs: Farkizzan and Common Fig in Malta 2024

Enjoy sweet and delicate fresh figs when visiting Malta in summer

Best time: May–June | July–August

Figs: Farkizzan and Common Fig
Figs: Farkizzan and Common Fig

Though the origin of Fig tree is the Middle East and western Asia, it is synonymous with the Mediterranean. Fig trees were even one of the first trees domesticated. Figs are produced during the hottest months. In Malta two kinds of fig trees are grown—Common Figs harvested from May to June and Farkizzan (dry purple figs) with the harvest season from July to August. They differ widely in colour and texture, but both have a unique, sweet taste, a soft and chewy texture, and are littered with slightly crunchy, edible seeds. Fresh figs are very delicate and perishable. That's why they are often dried to preserve and can be enjoyed all year round.

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