Best season to travel to Malta

Pixxispad Mimli (Grilled Swordfish) in Malta 2024

Pixxispad Mimli is a juicy fish steak well worth a try!

Best time: July–mid-September

Pixxispad Mimli (Grilled Swordfish)

Being a country surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, fish is widely used in Maltese cuisine. Grilled swordfish steak or Pixxispad Mimli is a traditional Maltese food you just need to try. Maltese chefs usually marinate the swordfish in a mix of fresh mint and basil adding lemon juice (or a citrus pesto) and white wine, and then fry in olive oil. The fish should only be freshly caught. Since this is a seasonal fish, you should taste it during fishing season from July to mid-September.

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