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Yennayer, Amazigh (Berber) New Year 2025

Celebrate the national holiday of the indigenous people of Morocco

Dates: January 12–January 13

Yennayer is the first day of the agrarian calendar of ancient Berbers used throughout North Africa. It is also often called the Amazigh New Year. Amazigh is an official language in Morocco, and many Moroccans don't miss the opportunity to party and exchange wishes—even those that don't have an Amazigh origin.

The biggest celebrations are held in the Amazigh regions of southeast Morocco on January 12th – 13th. Berber towns and villages around Essaouira and Agadir hold collective dinners and street parties to celebrate their national holiday. They feast on traditional foods like couscous and chicken, and play music and traditional sports. In some areas, horse parades are also common. This is a great occasion to learn about Berber culture and customs.

Berber people are pre-Arab inhabitants of Northern Africa. According to their year count, year zero coincides with the ascension of Berber king Shoshenq I to the throne of Egypt in 950 BC.

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