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Hill Station Botanical Garden

One could spend the entire day wandering Pyin Oo Lwin’s gardens…


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This place is the “hill station” itself, where the legacy of British Burma most visibly lives in Tudor and Victorian-style hotels and grand homes, a clock tower imitating Big Ben, a golf course, church, and a magnificent botanical garden! Stands of pines, oak, and eucalyptus share A space with coffee plantations, fruit orchards, and squares of farmland abundant in vegetables and flowers. National Kandawgyi Botanical Gardens (or as it is called Pyin Oo Lwin’s gardens) remains an inviting getaway for locals and visitors alike, not only from summer’s humidity, heat, and smog but as a year-around escape from Mandalay’s human and traffic bustle.

You’ll find here more than 300 species of orchids, 75 species of flowering crotons, 25 rose species, 6 lily species, and medicinal plants. In addition, there are 514 species of indigenous trees, 74 foreign tree species, the nearby bamboo forest also lists a collection of 75 various species. The gardens are well laid out among lakes and paths, and there is a beautiful collection of pond fish and lovely black and white swans.

An aviary duplicates life in the wild for a variety of exotic birds with Myanmar’s national symbol, the peacock, well represented with six species. The butterfly museum was built to showcase over 40,000 butterflies and beetles. Another two museums are dedicated to fossils and petrified wood. Each December an annual flower festival is held here to highlight the treasures of the park.

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