Best time to visit Nepal

Boating with a View in Nepal

Boating on Phewa Lake or further situated Rara and Phoksundo lakes is one of the top experiences in the winter period​

Best time: December

Boating with a View
Boating with a View
Boating with a View

Imagine the relaxing boating experience you will get while enjoying yourself in the most unique area in the whole world. Check out the magnificent beauty of the Phewa Lake, which is quite easy to get to, ​surrounded by the hilly area and divine clarity of the air that does not hinder your ability to enjoy the scenery.

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When is the best time to visit Nepal?

For those who wish to go boating, the winter season is the best time to visit Nepal, particularly in December. Clear skies, warm temperatures, and low humidity levels make it an ideal climate. The fall season is better for trekking, and it happens from September to November. During the season, milder weather and clear skies make it an ideal time to trek. Show more

Where is Phewa Lake located in Nepal?

Phewa Lake is positioned in the Pokhara Valley, Kaski district, Nepal. It is the second-largest lake in Nepal, and it spreads over an area of approximately 4.43 km². The mesmerizing view of rolling hills, forests, and snow-capped mountains creates an attraction for both nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Show more

What are the unique features of Phewa Lake?

Encompassing many features, one of the unique ones is the Barahi Temple, nestled on the island in the middle of Phewa Lake. The temple is appreciated by locals and outsiders, who travel to the temple's offering prayers and making offerings. Phewa Lake is also known for its spectacular reflections of the Annapurna and Machhapuchhre mountain ranges and the beautiful sunset views. Show more

When is the ideal time to go boating in Nepal?

The ideal time to indulge in boating in Nepal is during the winter season, between December and February. Warm temperature, clear skies, and low humidity levels make for the ideal boating climate. It is best to avoid the rainy days (June to August) as the lake gets choppy and dangerous due to high tides and winds. Before planning the trip, it is always advised to check the weather forecast. Show more

What other lakes in Nepal offer boating experiences besides Phewa Lake?

Rara Lake, located in the Mugu District of Nepal, is the largest lake in Nepal, making it an attractive boating location. Tilicho Lake is one of the highest lakes globally, while Phoksundo Lake, situated in the Dolpo region of Nepal, is known for its turquoise-blue waters and stunning landscapes. Nepal is rich in lakes, each offering a unique boating experience to the visitors. Show more

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