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Dumji Festival 2018

Celebrated by the Sherpa community in Namche Bazar, the festival celebrates the birth of Guru Rinpoche on a lotus flower. It is a colourful and spectacular event, organized by one family from the village

Dumji Festival
Dumji Festival

The festival is one of the most important celebrations in the area of Mt. Everest in Solu-Khumbu. The festival is a deeply rooted tradition and consists of ethnic dances. Interestingly, the tradition says that every family should take turns to host the festival, thus it might become extremely costly for them. However, it is considered a great honour and people do it gladly. Visit Namche Bazaar, if you want to see the most interesting features of the festival. The dates of the festival vary from year to year, so keep in mind to check the information before you decide to go.

The Dumji Festival dates vary every year, but the celebrations usually fall in May or June. We recommend to contact the representatives of the Sherpa community for more precise information.

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