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Wairarapa Balloon Festival 2023

Colorful ballooons over the beautiful Wairarapa Valley


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Wairarapa Balloon Festival is one of the most popular and anticipated ballooning events in New Zealand. Held annually, around Easter, the five-day festival features beautiful hot air balloons and lots of family-friendly fun. Amazing balloons rise up in Wairarapa skies every morning after sunrise. Balloons take off from Solway, a southwestern suburb of Masterton, located near the Waingawa River. Masterton is the main town in the Wairarapa Valley on New Zealand's North Island.

Hot air balloons will fly over Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, and Martinborough, promising stunning bird-eye views of the Wairarapa Valley. Another highlight of the Wairarapa Balloon Festival is the Night Glow, which is usually held on Saturday. Tethered balloons glow like giant lanterns, illuminating the night and leaving spectators in awe. The festival also usually features a sport ballooning competition, which includes exercises like dropping a weighted tag onto a marker.

Mass ascentions depend on the weather, as high winds make it very dangerous to fly hot air balloons. In any case, the festival provides plenty of fun for the whole family and flying enthusiasts.

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