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Warm Up in Covered Passages

When it's cold and windy outside find a beautiful and cozy old passage and have a cup of tea or shop for souvenirs

Warm Up in Covered Passages in Paris - Best Time
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If you're tired of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and you're eager to explore Paris off the beaten path, visit some of the iconic Parisian covered passages known as 'les passages couverts'.

Warm Up in Covered Passages in Paris - Best Season

Back in the XIX century, there was around 150 of them in the city but by now, no more than 30 are left. Originally these passages were made for ladies' and gentlemen's comfortable shopping and therefore they were beautifully made: old mosaics and tiles on the ground and transparent roofs. The shops themselves are also masterly decorated.

Galerie Vivienne
Galerie Vivienne

One of the most gorgeous passages in Paris is Gallerie Vivienne with its captivating lighting and design. Aside from the shops, you'll find some nice small cafes and old restaurants in these bystreets.

Passage Verdeau
Passage Verdeau

The passages are cozy and atmospheric, a perfect shelter from the rain and snow to warm oneself with a cup of tea or coffee or just to walk around and observing the vintage beauty of these places.

Passage des Princes
Passage des Princes

Warm Up in Covered Passages Map & Location

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