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Not only the flavour of this fish soup is special, but the method of serving it as well

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Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provençal fish soup that originally was cooked by fishermen in Marseille out of bony fish they couldn't sell. As it usually happens there is no consensus on how to cook it right but there are a couple of rules. First, you need at least three kinds of fish—the locals usually use red rascasse, sea robin, and European conger. It often can also include sea urchins, shellfish, crabs, or octopus. Besides the fish, the bouillabaisse is cooked with vegetables like onions, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, celery, and leeks. But what makes this dish really remarkable is the ceremony of serving it. The broth is served in a soup plate with​ some bread or croutons and rouille, and then later the fish and vegetables are put on a large platter. The bouillabaisse has an incredibly rich taste and has to be on your menu during your visit to Provence.

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