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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing on Magdalen Islands in Quebec

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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing on Magdalen Islands

The popularity of kitesurfing and windsurfing is growing in Canada, and some fans have discovered that they don't have to go to exotic countries to practice their favorite sport. There is a perfect spot for it right at home. Iles de la Madeleine or the Magdalen Islands is a remote destination that was rarely visited even by Quebecois themselves. However, this archipelago in St. Lawrence boasts wide sandy beaches in every direction, picturesque red cliffs, dunes, and strong, steady winds that provide ideal conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

The Magdalen chain consists of eight islands: Havre-Aubert, Grande Entrée, Grosse-Île, Havre aux Maisons, Cap aux Meules, Pointe-Aux-Loups, Brion, and Île d’Entrée. Kitesurfers can explore all of them, finding multiple spots with various conditions. There are very shallow and flat lagoons to learn and to practice, no jellyfish, and no sharks. Kitesurfing season on the islands lasts from late June through early September (July and August being the best months) when the wind is strong, and water is the warmest: around 18-20 ºC (64-68 ºF). The wind comes from the south-west with speed from 9 to 22 knots. Îles de la Madeleine have the airport and the ferry service.

At Havre Aux Basques Bay Kitesurfers usually stay in shallow water on the left and far left of the lagoon. It's an excellent area for beginners. There is a parking area and additional parking on Route 199.

The Magdalen Islands have a considerable windsurfers' community. At Havre Aux Basques Bay windsurfers stay on the right side, where the water is deeper. Other popular spots for windsurfing include Havre Aubert Beach and Sandy Hook Point, which suit only experienced riders due to strong currents and gusty south winds. Du Cap Beach has smooth rolling waves, NE winds, and suits all levels. De La Martinique Beach is good to practice riding in the ocean as well as Baie Sud Pedalo.

Practical info

When is the best time to go kitesurfing and windsurfing in Magdalen Islands?

Kitesurfing season in Magdalen Islands runs from late June to early September, with 18-20 ºC (64-68 ºF) being the warmest temperature of the water. The perfect time for kitesurfing is during July and August as the wind speed is strong. However, it is recommended to check the weather forecast to determine the wind pattern of that particular year to plan the trip accordingly. Show more

What are the wind conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing on Magdalen Islands?

Magdalen Islands' strong and steady winds between 9-22 knots from the south-west are excellent for kitesurfing and windsurfing, attracting both novice and advanced riders. The kite surfing and wind surfing season usually lasts from late June to early September. However, it is necessary to look at the forecast when planning a trip as wind patterns might vary from year to year. Show more

Where are the best spots for beginners to kitesurf in Magdalen Islands?

Magdalen Islands have flat lagoons that are perfect locations for kitesurfing, especially for beginners. One such location is the shallow area on the left and far left of the lagoon of Havre Aux Basques Bay, where parking is also available. It is advisable to take basic lessons from the local kitesurfing schools before venturing out on the water. Show more

What are some popular beaches for windsurfing in Magdalen Islands?

Several beaches offer excellent windsurfing spots in Magdalen Islands, with Havre Aux Basques Bay being the most popular one. The depths of the right side of the lagoon make it ideal for advanced windsurfers. Havre Aubert Beach, Sandy Hook Point, De La Martinique Beach, Du Cap Beach, and Baie Sud Pedalo are other great windsurfing spots on the islands, with Du Cap Beach being suitable for all expertise levels due to its smooth, manageable waves. Show more

Are there any other water activities available on Magdalen Islands besides kitesurfing and windsurfing?

Magdalen Islands offer an array of water activities besides kitesurfing and windsurfing, such as kayaking, paddleboarding or surfing, beachcombing, and swimming. Whale watching, fishing, and scuba diving offer other options to explore the water around the islands. With an airport and ferry services, visitors have many hotels and restaurants to choose from, offering fresh seafood obtained from the surrounding water bodies. Show more

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