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Hiking and Trekking in Switzerland

Switzerland with its alpine landscapes is a true hiker's paradise

Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and Trekking

Put on your hiking boots and find out why the Swiss love hiking so much. There are over 50,000 km of trails to take with various levels of difficulty. Try Zermatt in the Valais region that boasts​ the Haute Route—a challenging trail that takes several days to complete, from Mont Blanc to Zermatt. Altogether about 400 kilometers of hiking trails cross Matter Valley, including ancient merchant trails which date back to the Middle Ages.

Another good hiking spot is Charmey, which lies at the heart of the Gruyère district, in the canton of Fribourg. It's perfect for Nordic walking with its various tracks. You can climb Vounetse mountain (1627 m high) and enjoy great views with maps and information along the way. If you take the cable-car, you'll find an alpine cheesery where Gruyère cheese is made in with ancient traditional methods.

Finally, don't miss the chance to approach the glacier on the Matterhorn Glacier trail, especially mid-July to the end of August. This trail will give you a perfect glimpse of the phenomenon of the glacier retreat where you will be able to see the meltwater run out and experience the mysterious world of glacier life.

Practical info

What is the best time to hike in Switzerland?

April through November offers a great opportunity to explore Switzerland's outdoors. During this period, the weather is ideal for hiking, especially during summer when the trails are less muddy, and when autumn comes, the effect is breathtaking with golden foliages as the trails are accessible all around. Show more

Which hiking trail is recommended for experienced hikers?

Trekking through the Haute Route from Mont Blanc to Zermatt in the Valais region is a trail suited for seasoned hikers. This 400-kilometer trail lasts days and provides an extraordinary view of the Alps. Although the trek is well marked, hills, valleys and unpredictable weather pose a challenge for hikers who have to be in top shape and knowledgeable about hiking safety protocols. Show more

Are there any Nordic walking tracks in Switzerland besides Charmey?

Regions such as Bernese Oberland also offer tailor-made Nordic walking trails that feature specialized walking poles and guides to make the experience easy and worth it. Various hotels, Switzerland Tourism and tourist offices provide various types of guidance on Nordic walking in different Swiss areas apart from Charmey. Show more

Can I taste authentic Gruyère cheese while hiking in Charmey?

Experiencing Gruyère cheese while hiking in Charmey is an adventure worth taking. One way to taste this cheese is by using the cable car, which takes you to an alpine cheese factory. Here you will learn about the traditional techniques used in Gruyère cheese production and get to taste samples that are great for energy before taking a hike to the Vounetse mountain, which provides a fantastic view of the region. Show more

What can I expect to see on the Matterhorn Glacier trail?

Hiking the Matterhorn glacier trail brings you closer to Switzerland's spectacular natural features, starting with the glaciers retreat, meltwater rivers, and glaciers' striking mysterious lives. The surrounding Alpine landscapes are breathtaking during the hike, and the perfect time to witness glacier melting is between mid-July and the end of August. For this trek, warm clothing and sturdy hiking-friendly boots, coupled with good preparation, are necessary. Show more

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