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Visiting Paliwal Park in Taj Mahal and Agra

A green area sprawling in the heart of Agra with a great variety of trees and a lake

Best time: September–April

Visiting Paliwal Park
Visiting Paliwal Park

One of the best getaways in Agra is Paliwal Park. This is the oldest park in Agra and provides a great opportunity to cool-off and take shelter from the blistering heat in the midst of nature. Its territory abounds with a rich variety of plants and trees.

The well-maintained park has clearly demarcated pathways for morning walks as well as leisurely evening strolls. There is a nice lake, called the Bal Vihar Jheel, which provides boating and other water opportunities and recreational activities as well. For locals it's a favorite place for morning runs. Some also come here to read books or meditate. In other words the Paliwal Park is a fine spot for spiritually-inclined people and avid readers and anyone hoping to just relax a bit. Undoubtedly, September through April is ideal to visit this place, though in December and January it can be chilly in Agra.

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What makes Paliwal Park an ideal place for spiritual activities and leisurely strolls?

Located in the heart of Agra, Paliwal Park is one of the city's oldest parks, with lush greenery and an artificial lake called Bal Vihar Jheel. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the park's well-marked pathways, relax amidst nature, and participate in spiritual activities and meditation by the lake. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers, offering a peaceful environment and tranquil surroundings for meditation and relaxation. Show more

What are the unique features of the Paliwal Park that distinguish it from other parks in Agra?

Paliwal Park is the oldest park in Agra city, boasting sprawling green gardens, a lake, walking tracks, benches, and playing fields. It features different kinds of trees that provide fresh air to visitors, and its layout and organization are desirable for walkers and joggers. Its features, age, and lush green garden set it apart from other parks in Agra and offer a peaceful environment amidst nature for visitors to enjoy. Show more

Is the park accessible to visitors with disabilities?

No matter the age or ability, Paliwal Park welcomes all visitors throughout the year. It follows the principle of universal accessibility, providing ramps and other facilities for wheelchair users. The park has relevant facilities, including restrooms, and wheelchair-accessible paths. Additionally, there are enough benches for visitors to take a break and regain their strength, making it a great place for all visitors to enjoy the park's natural surroundings. Show more

When should visitors avoid going to Paliwal Park and why?

According to the season, visitors are advised to avoid going to Paliwal Park during the scorching summer months, i.e. May to August, when the weather is hot and unbearable. Additionally, the park may be avoided during the rain since the paths can become slippery and dangerous to use. December and January can also be quite chilly, so visitors are advised to bring appropriate clothing to stay warm and comfortable. Show more

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