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Visiting Paliwal Park

A green area sprawling in the heart of Agra with a great variety of trees and a lake

Visiting Paliwal Park in Taj Mahal and Agra  2019 - Best Time
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One of the best getaways in Agra is Paliwal Park. This is the oldest park in Agra and provides a great opportunity to cool-off and take shelter from the blistering heat in the midst of nature. Its territory abounds with a rich variety of plants and trees.

Visiting Paliwal Park in Taj Mahal and Agra  - Best Season 2019

The well-maintained park has clearly demarcated pathways for morning walks as well as leisurely evening strolls. There is a nice lake, called the Bal Vihar Jheel, which provides boating and other water opportunities and recreational activities as well. For locals it's a favorite place for morning runs. Some also come here to read books or meditate. In other words the Paliwal Park is a fine spot for spiritually-inclined people and avid readers and anyone hoping to just relax a bit. Undoubtedly, September through April is ideal to visit this place, though in December and January it can be chilly in Agra.

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