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Fresh Figs

Local produce must be enough to feed half of the world if not less, as Turkey is renowned as the world's largest producer of figs


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Turkey annually produces the largest amount of figs. The fruit is mainly grown to be dried or made into fig jam. However, bunches of fresh fruit are eaten during its harvest season that peaks in the summer time. The most celebrated variety is Brown Turkey Fig. Despite "brown" figures in its name, the fruit actually has purple skin. During its season that starts as early as early spring and continues until early winter, Brown Turkey stalls are truly abundant over Turkish markets. Another popular variety is green or yellow fig, also known as "Adriatic".

To enjoy the sweetest and most succulent insides we recommend time from May to September, as earlier the fruit might be too green, and later it's not that delightful for the interior becomes too dry and woody, and the seeds separate from the flesh and are rather tangible.

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