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Be impressed by a huge variety of bird species in Austria and enjoy a great season of birding


Austria is home to an impressive number of birds including resident, breeding, migrating, and wintering birds. Austria has a great variety of habitat types including plenty of lakes, forests, and valleys that are good for birding. From the steppe landscape in the East with its Great Bustards, Saker Falcons, and Eastern Imperial Eagles to the alpine foothills with their White-backed Woodpeckers and Red-breasted Flycatchesto and the high altitudes of the Alps with their Golden Eagles. Lake Neusiedl is called the "Jewel of European Nature" and has more than 300 different species, some of them extremely rare and unique to this area.

The best seasons for a birder in Austria is typically spring and early summer. Spring is marked by its abundance beautiful songs which are not to be missed. In Eastern Austria it's worth looking for waders along the lakes. In the mountains of Western Austria there are abundant swallows and martins, Pied Flycatchers, and Bramblings getting ready to migrate. Summer is a breeding season and an especially suitable time to visit wetlands and check out the shorebirds.

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What are some of the bird species found in Austria?

Austria has a varied selection of birds, such as Eagles, Falcon, Woodpeckers, Bustards, and more. The country is highly populated with four different types of birds living within its territory, which are resident, breeding, migrating, and wintering birds. Lake Neusiedl in Austria is a unique area that hosts numerous bird species that are exclusive to the area. Show more

Which birdwatching locations are preferred in Austria?

Austria has several fantastic birdwatching sites, including Lake Neusiedl, the Alpine Foothills, and wetlands during summer breeding season. Lake Neusiedl is an exceptional location to spot over 300 bird species, and the Alpine Foothills are enriched with a variety of migratory birds. Waders are present near lakes in Eastern Austria, and the summer breeding season allows an amazing opportunity to witness the Wetlands and shorebirds. Show more

When should tourists visit Austria for birdwatching?

Tourists should consider Spring, and the early summers the best time to visit Austria for birdwatching, as the air is filled with bird songs. Waders can be found in Eastern Austria around the lakes during spring. Wetlands and shorebirds can be observed more during the summer breeding season. However, it is recommended that tourists schedule their visit between March and September, as outside of these months, observing some bird species may be challenging. Show more

What is unique about the bird species at Lake Neusiedl?

Lake Neusiedl, also known as the 'Jewel of European Nature' is a hub of over 300 bird species, including Stone Curlews, Eurasian Penduline Tits, and Whiskered Terns. This location is a significant breeding site for the White-tailed Eagles, as well as a stopover site for migratory bird species like Little Stint, Garganey, Ruff, and Dunlin. It is the oasis for rare bird species that are restricted to this habitat alone. Show more

Which bird species can be observed during summer breeding season?

Bird watching during the summer breeding season in Austria is highly rewarding as many bird species can be admired, including swallows, Bee-eaters, and Kingfishers. The Alpine Foothills is home to Bramblings and Pied Flycatchers, while Wetlands are an ideal location to catch a sight of Black-winged Stilts and Wood Sandpipers. Birdwatchers should note that the summer breeding season is the peak season for birdwatching, hence it is advisable to plan accordingly. Show more

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