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Barranquilla Carnival 2024

Barranquilla’s carnival can give you a lot of unforgettable memories and invaluable experiences. This is the best way to discover the folklore of Colombia and learn about its culture

Dates: February 10-13, 2024

Barranquilla Carnival
Barranquilla Carnival

Barranquilla carnival is the second biggest in Latin and South America after Rio de Janeiro. The celebration starts 40 days before Easter and lasts for a few days. The battle of the flowers is the first event that opens the carnival. It's a six-hour show with folk dancing, fire breathers, live music, and colorful floats.

Batalla de Flores (Battle of Flowers Parade) (February 10, 2024)

The main highlight of the Barranquilla Carnival is the Battle of Flowers, which features up to 15,000 dancers and musicians. Performers in flamboyant costumes ride on special floats decorated with flowers. The procession, which takes place down Via 40, is watched by over 400,000 spectators.

Grand Parade (February 11, 2024)

Another popular parade takes place on Vía 40 avenue on Sunday of the carnival. The procession features hundreds of traditional comparsas: folkloric groups, cumbia groups, dancing groups, and traditional dancers. It is followed by the Orchestra Festival, where dozens of bands compete for the Congo de Oro. The festival is a unique showcase of local and national musicians.

During the carnival, you can find a lot of activities, like parties, concerts and folk dances. For tourists, it's a great chance to learn about the culture of Barranquilla, talk freely with the locals, and try traditional dishes and spirits. You can witness Colombian rhythms such as cumbia, porro, gaita, and puya. Dances including the Spanish paloteo, African congo, and the indigenous mico y micas are heart and soul of the party.

The parades are free to watch, but you might want to purchase a ticket to one of the bleacher seats, known as palcos, to get a better view. Palcos are often overbooked, so you still need to come in advance to get a good viewing spot. You can buy the bleacher tickets online, in one of the hotels, or on the spot, but double-check whether they are not fake.

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