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Black Land Crab Migration in Colombia

Witness spectacular natural phenomena on the island of Providencia

Providencia island is a tropical paradise on the Caribbean coast. It's an amazing place to swim, sunbathe, and ride horses. But there is something more to see here than the usual vacation entertainment. If you are visiting Providencia island in the rainy season, namely April–July, you'll have a chance to see the black land crab migration.

Every night a thousand adult black crabs descend from the forests and the mountainside in order to lay their eggs in the sea. A month after that, small baby crabs leave the seaside and follow their parent's path.

During that period roads are usually closed to provide a safe crossing for the crabs. What is more, the government has banned capturing crabs during the breeding period. Getting around the island at that time can be a bit tough, but you'll be rewarded with this fascinating natural phenomenon.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Providencia Island to witness the black land crab migration?

The ideal time to observe the black land crab migration route on Providencia Island is during the rainy season of April–July when they migrate to the sea for breeding. It's important to note that roads may close during this season to ensure the safety of crabs, and the law prohibits capturing crabs. Show more

Where can I witness the black land crab migration on Providencia Island?

At night, black land crabs can be seen migrating on roads surrounded by forests and mountains on Providencia Island. Visitors can also take forest trails for a closer look. After the breeding season, young crabs return to the mountains following the same path. Show more

How long does the black land crab migration period last?

The breeding season for black land crabs on Providencia Island lasts one month between April and July, during which they migrate to the sea to lay their eggs. Every year, young crabs also follow the same path back into the mountains. Show more

Are there any special regulations to follow when visiting Providencia Island during the crab migration period?

When visiting Providencia Island during the black land crab migration period, it's important to follow several regulations. Capturing crabs is prohibited during the breeding season, and visitors should drive carefully and look for road signs for safety when crabs migrate. While watching the migration is allowed, it's crucial not to harm crabs, as it is illegal. Show more

What are some other natural attractions to see on Providencia Island besides the black land crab migration?

Alongside the black land crab migration, Providencia Island has several natural wonders to offer. The island is renowned for its coral reefs, which attract tourists looking to scuba dive and explore marine life. The national park is home to giant almond trees and historical pirate shipwrecks that can be explored. Pristine beaches are also notable for sunbathing, swimming, and spiritual walks. Show more

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