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Black Land Crab Migration

Witness spectacular natural phenomena on the island of Providencia


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Providencia island is a tropical paradise on the Caribbean coast. It's an amazing place to swim, sunbathe, and ride horses. But there is something more to see here than the usual vacation entertainment. If you are visiting Providencia island in the rainy season, namely April–July, you'll have a chance to see the black land crab migration.

Every night a thousand adult black crabs descend from the forests and the mountainside in order to lay their eggs in the sea. A month after that, small baby crabs leave the seaside and follow their parent's path.

During that period roads are usually closed to provide a safe crossing for the crabs. What is more, the government has banned capturing crabs during the breeding period. Getting around the island at that time can be a bit tough, but you'll be rewarded with this fascinating natural phenomenon.

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