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Secret Hideaways in Corsica

Ever dreamed of escaping to a hideaway resort?

Secret Hideaways
Secret Hideaways
Secret Hideaways
Secret Hideaways
Secret Hideaways

The peaceful and relaxed atmosphere you've always longed for can be found in Corsican countryside. Northern Corsica offers a variety of hideaway resorts in remote locations. You can enjoy your holiday off the beaten track and avoid the crowds. For example, head over to Saleccia Beach, near St Florent. It is very secluded and perfect for honeymooning couples. There are no cafes or restaurants and the beach is only accessible by boat or SUVs.

Practical info

Where is Saleccia Beach located in Corsica?

Saleccia Beach is in Northern Corsica near St Florent, surrounded by tranquil countryside that can be reached only by SUV or boats. There are no amenities like restaurants nearby. Show more

When is the best time to visit Northern Corsica for secluded holidays?

For a secluded holiday in Northern Corsica, it is advisable to visit from April to September. During that season, tourists can have a peaceful countryside stay and explore the unique culture and way of living in rural Corsica. The weather is warm and dry, and the tourist crowd is less. Show more

What type of activities can tourists enjoy in Corsican hideaways?

Corsican hideaways offer tourists a variety of activities such as water sports, mountain biking, hiking, and nature-watching. The area boasts crystal-clear beaches, scenic landscapes, and exclusive cultural experiences. Additionally, visitors can discover historical monuments, local cuisine, and wine. Show more

Are there any restaurants or cafes near Saleccia Beach?

Saleccia Beach has no amenities like cafes or restaurants nearby. It's best for people willing to evade crowds and enjoy peace. Tourists must carry enough food and water as there are no shops at the beach. Reaching Saleccia can be via boat or SUV from remote locations. Show more

How can tourists reach Saleccia Beach if they don't have access to an SUV?

Visitors without an SUV can take a scheduled boat from St Florent to reach Saleccia Beach. Booking in advance is essential, as the boats fill up quickly. The distances can only be covered by boat or SUV as this gem of a place is well hid from even the closest cities. Show more

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