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Diving and Snorkeling in Florida

Shipwrecks, rich sea life and coral reefs are the biggest advantages of diving in Florida

Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving in Florida is especially famous in the Florida Keys. With 200 km of coastline, there is certainly plenty of stuff to discover. Key Largo is home to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park with about 40 coral species and 650 fish species. There is also a bronze statue of Jesus Christ put there for divers to enjoy. The Molasses Reef is another great spot with spur-and-groove formations, corals, lobsters, turtles and manta rays. There is also a US Coast Guard’s sunken ship to explore about 41m down.

Another popular diving site includes the Crystal River’s King Spring Caverns, they are 9-15m deep. Another attraction of this area are manatees, also called sea-cows for their calm peaceful nature.

Peacock Springs in the Northern swamplands are great for cavern diving but do require some expertise.

Florida is a year-round diving destination. Thanks to its subtropical climate, the water is warm and the visibility is often up to 30 m. In winter you might need a heavier wetsuit but the more south you go, the warmer the climate is.

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When is the best season to go diving in Florida?

Florida is a popular diving destination all year round, though winter and spring offer the calmest seas. Water temperatures are cooler in winter and require a heavy wetsuit, especially to the north. The region's temperature is subtropical; water is warm, and visibility is up to 30m. Show more

Where can I find the most vibrant coral reefs and marine life in the Florida Keys?

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is the only living coral reef in the continental US, starting in Key Largo. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park can boast about 40 coral species and 650 fish species. Molasses Reef is also great and has a sunken US Coast Guard ship at 41m down. Show more

What unique diving spots are available in the Northern swamplands of Florida?

Peacock Springs located in the Northern swamplands is best suited for cavern diving. Divers can explore the site's series of interconnected springs. The 3 Basins and Orange Grove Sink features crystal clear pools, while Orange Grove Sink's entrance offers a dazzling light show. Show more

Are King Spring Caverns open to diving throughout the year?

King Spring Caverns in the Crystal River area are open all year. The site features King Spring, which is connected to 7 other springs. The caverns' depths range from 9-15m, and divers can explore the caves' diverse range of sea creatures, including manatees - a unique feature. Show more

When diving in the Florida Keys, is it possible to see sea-cows (manatees)?

Manatees, or sea-cows, can be spotted in the Crystal River's King Spring Caverns area. They are harmless but cannot be touched under any circumstances as it is considered harassment. These gentle giants are more commonly seen from mid-November through early April, though they are still present during the summer months. Show more

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